On October 26, 2021, The Journey to Salem concluded with more than 350 alumnae, students, faculty, friends and family walking from Bethabara to Salem Square for the Triumphant Entry and Homecoming Celebration.

Morning check-in at the FAC

The atmosphere was already festive as alumnae and friends gathered at Elberson Fine Arts Center to ride church buses and carpools to Bethabara.


As a Moravian band played, walkers checked in, met with long-lost friends, and got ready to walk. The entire student body of Salem Academy was on hand to celebrate the day.

En Route

The 6.5 mile route to Corpening Plaza led through the woods surrounding Bethabara, through Wake Forest University and Reynolda Village, past Graylyn, through Buena Vista and into downtown.

Corpening Plaza

The Winston-Salem State University Red Sea of Sound drums entertained the gathering crowd as they prepared for the final half-mile walk into Salem Square.

Salem Square

The procession was led by the “Fabulous Five” through-walkers – Lucy Rose C’76, Debbie Faires A’82, Marcia Shawler A’75, Elizabeth Wade C’88, and Frances Cronlund C’98 – and Holt Morris C’88, route and logistics manager, followed by President Summer McGee and Mayor Allen Joines, then the WSSU Red Sea of Sound drums, then the crowd of 350+ walkers, culminating in presentations in front of the Single Sisters’ House and a homecoming celebration in Salem Square.