October 2 – York to Hanover

Day 5. York, PA to Hanover, PA. 20 total miles. 52,000 steps for me. Absolutely delightful day. 17 miles on flat rail to trail – Heritage Rail Trail. We were joined today for our journey by Kendra Jones Mabon C’ 94, who immediately won our hearts!! I understand she gave shelter to Deanna Bass and friends during their bike journey in 1994. Kendra, you rock!! We were also joined by Kendra’s husband, children, and mother (Ann Butler Jones C‘61) at the end of the day!! Note Ann’s photo with her pink Salem shirt! And, Sara Engram C ‘71, joined us for a little decompression gathering after the Walk, bringing gifts of beer and an apple cake!! She nailed it!!! Thanks to all of you for making this day especially meaningful!! So, the walk went great. Beautiful day. Two women we met on the road in York loved our story and walked with us several blocks. Cool tunnel – within which a group of us sang the alma mater! Flat walk. Gorgeous scenery. Great people along the way. A fabulous lunch picnic, provided by Lisa! Continued support from Dail – for which we will never be able to adequately thank her! Homemade ice cream at walk’s end! After doing collective laundry and a quick dinner at Texas Road House, everyone was more than ready to literally fall into bed!! Our 7:15 AM pre-walk daily meeting comes early! As always and ever, thanks to Holt and Lisa!! #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

Lucy Rose C’76

Day 5 and 21 miles! We have now covered 100 miles by foot and are 20% done with our 500 mile journey. Today was fantastic! We were 18 miles on the #heritagerailtrail from #YorkPA to #GlenRockPA which was exceptionally beautiful crossing over farms, livestock, and many old train stations. The trail was covered in cyclists, hikers, and runners. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at mile 13 which our van driver, Lisa Bankoff C‘73 organized for us. Today we feel our #traillegs are getting stronger and getting in our groove. Highlight of the day was meeting up with a local alumna, Kendra, C‘94, who hiked with us for the entire trail. At the end we were greeted by Kendra’s mother, Anne, C‘62. We were thrilled to end the journey with Sarah Ingram C‘71 who brought us a cooler of ice, beer, and hard cider! Sarah drove up from Baltimore to meet us and help us recover. Salem Academy and College Alumnae are THE BEST!

Frances Cronlund C’98

Strava Map Day 5