October 4 – Westminster to Frederick

500 mile Journey to Salem! Westminster to Frederick, Md. 21.5 miles. 59, 600 steps. Alternating sun and overcast. Very hilly. 80 degrees!! Patt Hall Haun C’76 -yes, we were classmates! – joined us to walk today and rocked it!! Her husband, Tom, joined us as a driver and a great scout and supporter!! Katherine Lee Johnson A’79, is our host in MD. She joined us this morning, reading our Salome journal entry to start our day, and bearing local treats of jams and jellies!! Thank you!! We said goodbye to Yvonne this morning, who changed her travel plans to drive Marcia’s car to Winston-Salem. What a team. We will miss you, Yvonne, until we see you again! We walked a really fast pace today through gorgeous countryside and historic downtown Frederick. Though we don’t know exactly where, we do know the original travelers stayed a night very close to here. We could feel their spirit especially as we walked through Frederick. Some walkers especially tired tonight. Dinner in rooms (thanks to left overs and Uber Eats! ) and a few folks in a restaurant. We ended our “official” day with a champagne toast to the end of a wonderful first week of learning, experiencing, traveling, and bonding. Champagne provided by Frances’s aunt (who joined us tonight) and apple cake (DELICIOUS!!) accompaniment provided by Sara Engram!! Tomorrow to Leesburg, VA (3rd state!) – promises to be a great walk!

– Lucy Rose C’76

Leg 7 and 22 miles done! One week and 140 miles into our journey! Today was fantastic – so much better than yesterday. We started the day with the “story of the day” peaking early. Someone who shall not be named decided to dry their bra in the microwave. The metal caught fire and well… she burned her bra! Back to the 70s we went!

The 80 degrees and humidity was still bearing down but farm-side trees and clouds provided plenty of welcome shade. Aloof horses, quilted hilltops, and questioning cows made for spectacular new views every 15 minutes. The day was our fastest by far, not that it’s a race but it measures the spring in our step. We ended the day with my Aunt @lencron Lenore joining us and bringing us champagne to celebrate our first week done!

We have a routine!!! We start each day together with Hotel breakfast which is when I journal. Then we load the “wagon” like we are playing Tetris. After we circle up we read out loud “today’s” journal from the 1766 Journey. We discuss game plan for the course, our stops, the weather, and lunch. Breaks are too short and lunch is best in the shade by picnic. We mostly snack all day and save our biggest meal for dinner. Some of us order in, others go out. I always go out and my roommate likes to go out too! Have I mentioned how much I love my roommate, Lisa, College Class of ‘73. She’s also our support van driver. #mysalemjourney#trailtalk#itsajourney#hiking#womensupportingwomen @salemacademy @salemcollege

– Frances Cronlund C’98

Strava map day 7