October 6 – Leesburg to Middleburg

Sisters Vonda Delawie A’75 and Vesta Kimble A’77

As sisters often do, my older sister, Vonda Kimble Delawie (’75 Academy), signed me up to walk Leg 9 with her, knowing full well that I would not be able to go the distance, 14 miles (one of the shortest legs).  But what sealed the deal for me was knowing that there would be a van to rescue me at the 6-mile mark and carry me for a 4-mile rest so that I could rejoin the group for the last 2.5 miles.  Lisa Bankoff C’73 is my new-best-friend for driving the van and saving me and a few other walkers.

That said, it was such an enjoyable time to be among other women, stronger and strong-willed, who were not going to let 14 miles intimidate them.  Today’s walk had components of urban, suburban, country (and ultra country on gravel roads).  Cool and cloudy — my kind of weather.

With every step, I marvelled more at the original sisters who took this journey, and judging by the journal entries — which are read aloud each morning before the day’s hike — their trip was full of hope but also challenges to overcome along the way.   We have had it so easy!!

– Vesta Kimble A’77

Day 9. 500 mile Journey to Salem. Leesburg, VA to Middleburg, VA. Cloudy/overcast all day. High temp 69. About 15 miles walked. We welcomed 8 new walkers today – 6 for today only and 2 for four days. It was WONDERFUL having all of you with us. AND, it was such a special treat for me to walk with four Salem College classmates!! AND, we “rewelcomed” Deana and LaForrest! Thanks to all of you for joining us and enriching our experience along the way as well. We are so happy we shared today TOGETHER. Though overcast all day, it was cooler and pleasant and made for a great walk on much less hilly topography. And, the landscape, oh the landscape. It just doesn’t get much more beautiful anywhere than it does here in the Virginia horse country. Stunning horses dot a jaw-dropping view everywhere you look. Stone homes dating from the 18th century, majestic oak trees (some older than Salem!), and truly palatial horse barns create a cinematic surround. I just wish more of you could have been here to share it with us. Please do drop by to say hi if you are ever near us! As some of you saw in our live FB stream on the Peace, Love and Salem FB page today ( thank you Deana!) we are staying tonight in a B&B near Middleburg. 4 of us Ubered into Middleburg for dinner, one went out with a friend, and others chilled at the Inn relaxing, catching up, and preparing for another full day tomorrow! Thank you for watching today and for your tremendous support! We feel you and treasure your good wishes! And, a shout out to all of you virtual walkers!!! Thank you for supporting our journey and Salem!!  #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

Lucy Rose C’76

Day 9 and 14 Miles! Leesburg VA to Middleburg VA. Today was a “rest day.” Easy miles, Great Company! My big brother’s buddy lives nearby and joined us for today’s mileage!

– Frances Cronlund C’98

Strava map – Day 9

Watch the livestream on Facebook from today!