October 9 – Warrenton to Culpeper

Day 12 Journey to Salem

We decided to walk slowly as a group today to see how it felt. Gorgeous farms along the route that were established as early as 1710. We crossed the Rappahannock River today, on the 12th day of our Journey. This is the same day Salome says in her journal that they crossed the Rappahannock. With the dates on the farms, I believe we must have traveled along the same road they took in 1766. It was GORGEOUS!!! A great day! We were met at the end by Academy Alumna Betsy Brantley ’73, who will be hosting this section of VA for us. The support from the alums and others along this route is what makes this whole journey even more special!

Debbie Faires A’82

Day 12. 500 mile journey to Salem. Warrenton, VA to Culpepper, VA. About 20 miles and 56,000 steps. Overcast skies. High 71. Rolling hills, with some rather steep!! Through tears, we said goodby to Kate this morning and we missed her all day! Thank goodness she is returning! After a quick peek at the Warrenton Farmers’ market, we walked from one VA Mainstreet town to another today – both incredible and so demanding of a meaningful visit!!! Please do visit this area if you have not done so. Spectacular does not even begin to describe the architecture/homes we saw as we walked out of Warrenton. Our walk today was amazing in every way. The roads/route were incredible. We passed so many bucolic and historic horse farms we could not count them. We crossed the Rappahannock River, just as Salome and her colleagues did 250 years ago, but us via bridge! We had another perfect picnic. And we completed 20+ miles, ending the walk at Old Trace Brewery, where we relaxed and were joined by Salem Academy alum, Betsy Brantley, our host for this area!! Before heading to our hotel, we said goodbye to our 4 day rock stars – Lee Caldwell Coffman, C’76 and her cousin Kent. They were tough, fun, determined, and perfect companions. Thanks so much for joining us! A personal thank you from me to Lee, as we are Salem classmates!! A great boutique hotel tonight, incredible take out food from Thyme Market, a hot shower, some TV football, and soon, a great night’s sleep to prepare for another big day tomorrow! Sleep well, everyone! As always, deepest gratitude to all of those who are responsible for ensuring all of this was planned so well and are working daily to ensure success!! Thank you all for your support!!

Lucy Rose C’76

Crossing the Rappahannock River!

Day 12 and 21 miles! We walked from downtown farmers market in Warrenton, Virginia to the Old Trade Brewing in Culpepper, Virginia. Today was beautiful countryside with friendly horses, valleys, Mountain Views, and 1-3 crossings of the Rappahannock River. The 1766 journal regarding crossing the River was very interesting to me as it read “October 14th. In the afternoon we came to a river called the Rappahannock. Only four persons could ride in the canoe. Brother Holder paddled us across. On the other side were some completely naked Negro children. Every day we realize more and more how very lucky we are to have been born and raised in our congregation (Gemeine). It was very hot again.” This was the first time since Lititz PA that Brother Holder reappeared. So funny how he was not in the official party but kept appearing in the journal! Very near the River we came upon “Liberty Hall Farm” established in 1710. It could have been the same area where the 1766 party crossed the Rappahannock. There were several African American homeowners we saw once we crossed. They were fully dressed. Most of us agreed that today was one if not the favorite of our walking days so far. There were only farms, no stores or busy roads. It was just serene views and a picnic lunch. Weather was a bit sticky. It was overall good weather with clouds and an occasional breeze.

– Frances Cronlund C’98

Strava map Day 12