October 22 – Mebane to Burlington

Day 25. 500 mile Journey to Salem. Mebane, NC to Burlington, NC. 16.5 miles. About 48,000 steps. Low 64. High 76. Rather overcast day. Level terrain. Thanks to Susan, C’79, for her work on the route and for joining us today! Our walk started off fast and level and rural. After about 3 miles, though, the day took a rather sharp turn, as we transitioned to highway 54 for much of the remaining walk. To be honest, for several of us, it was a rather dig deep day, as walking in heavy traffic with narrow shoulders and uneven grass takes great focus in addition to the physical challenges. However, we worked as a team, supported each other, and faced the challenges with humor and success. What an honor for me to be a teammate of these women. They inspire me each and every single day. A volunteer from the mountain to sea trail spotted us walking down 54, turned around, pulled over, and stopped to talk and offer us water!! True trail magic! We have been constantly reminded of the power of simple kindness. Many people might have thought of what he did, as quickly driving by. The power is in the fact he acted on that thought – he stopped. The gift of time. Water. Interest. Kind words. These are the lessons and acts we will remember from this journey. We had a fun lunch at Skids II in Graham, a Holt former haunt. What a great time in this throwback restaurant! Graham has a really delightful downtown, as you can tell from the photos shared below!! Wonder who did win the checkers game?? Elizabeth? Debbie? We’ve learned to appreciate simple things like sidewalks, which were a GREAT pleasure later this afternoon, and not take them for granted. Life is full of lessons. Just have to take time to notice. This journey has helped me do that on so many levels. I am so grateful. Holt had dinner with her Mom tonight. Alex and Jannida (our documentary teammates) went home for the evening to reconnect with families. We met a Salem alum at the hotel happy hour – not here to walk with us today or tomorrow, but noticed our Salem branding! And, I had a wonderful visit with a dear friend, Joanne Cadorette Soliday, who came to the hotel for a hug and to spend time together. Thank you, Joanne, for making the effort to visit, for following our journey, and for your guidance and friendship. Priceless. We missed all of our friends from yesterday and again thank you for joining us. Good night, all. Have a wonderful weekend. We’ll be getting closer and closer to Salem home with each step!! Only 57.6 miles to Salem Square!! We are in the area, walking to Greensboro tomorrow and Kernersville Sunday!! Blow your horn and wave if you see us!! #mysalemjourney. #journey2salem

– Lucy Rose C’76

Strava Map – Day 25