October 23 – Burlington to Greensboro

Day 26. 500 Mile Journey to Salem. Burlington, NC to Greensboro, NC. About 17 miles. 47,50O steps. 41.2 miles to go! High 72. Low 49. Gorgeous fall day. Blue sky. Jill Webb Halverson, C’91, was in the hotel visiting her son at Elon, so we asked her to join our photo!! All Salemites are part of our family!! Great walk today – full of transitions. After a little busy start, our morning was primarily rural rolling hills, with the reappearance of horses, corn fields, and tobacco fields. Relaxing. Few cars. We also enjoyed a beautiful walk through residential Gibsonville, some of those gorgeous houses pictured in this post. Following a brief break at a magazine cover-stunning Presbyterian church, we transitioned to an urban walk through Greensboro to our hotel. The best news – sidewalks almost the entire way!! Dinner outside with friends was a perfect ending! A rather quiet day. But an especially welcome one for us as we contemplate the end of our journey- so many mixed emotions, individually and collectively. It is as hard to believe we have walked 460 miles as it is hard to believe we only have 41.2 more. Having so long anticipated this journey, it is hard to imagine that anticipation no longer there. Yet, our shared experiences and memories tell us otherwise. We have indeed completed 26 days. This journey is nearly complete. I am thrilled and I am sad. Funny how often life is like that. What a true joy and honor to do this. We simply can’t wait to see many of you in the coming days!! That much is FOR CERTAIN!! Thanks for all of the work you volunteers (AND SALEM STAFF!!!) are doing to get ready for Monday and Tuesday! Tomorrow, on to Kernersville! #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

– Lucy Rose C’76

Day 26 Journey to Salem
Burlington, NC to Greensboro, NC
Gorgeous weather, again. I was surprised to see a hot air balloon outside my hotel window this morning. Loved walking out of Burlington, near Elon, through Gibsonville and beyond. Beautiful rural roads in the morning and changing city scapes in the afternoon made the day pass quickly. At home tonight in the beautiful O’Henry Hotel. #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

– Debbie Faires A’82

Day 26 and almost 18 miles. Welcome to Guilford County!!!

Today was our last day that it was only us fab five through walkers (Debra, Elizabeth, Marcia, Lucy and me) plus Holt (logistics) and Lisa (van support).

We had a complex course today that offered a great deal of variety. After leaving west Burlington, we skimmed through college town of Elon and quaint Gibsonville. We saw a bad car accident and good reminder to be vigilant. Then we had several miles through quiet, low traffic country roads which offered plenty of farms, cows and horses. Such a relief from yesterday! As we entered East Greensboro we saw a ton of support for NC A&T and met several friendly walkers asking about our purpose. The houses neighboring downtown Greensboro were prepared for #halloween and the #greenway at #lakedanielpark was full of local walkers and friendly pick up games.

After our long walk we were all tired having never really stopped for lunch as we probably should have done since lunch is more than just eating. I didn’t reapply sunscreen as I should have and burned my legs. I also didn’t give my feet a cooling off break which I also should have done. My mistake as I allowed myself to rush and not take my time to follow my usual routine. With only a few days to go I shouldn’t be cutting corners now!

A long days walk is best rewarded by a cooling pool and dinner with friends. Loving @greenvalleygrill at the @ohenryhotel more now than ever. #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

– Frances Cronlund C’98

Strava Map – Day 26