October 24 – Greensboro to Kernersville

Day 27. 500 mile Journey to Salem. Greensboro, NC to Kernersville, NC. About 17 miles. 48,000 steps. High 76. Low 47. Level route. Gorgeous sky. Really great walk today. Seemed like the time flew! Who knew there was so much rural road still in this area? We were always very close to interstates and major roads, but for the most part were on roads with little Sunday traffic. Thanks so much to the alums who came to send us off this morning and to Susan who provided breakfast AND lunch!!! Our “leg” walkers today, Victoria Lasley and Ina Kamenz and Donald, were rock stars!!! And Katherine Knapp Watts rejoined us at lunch!! They were quick walkers and GREAT conversationalists!! Ina and Victoria are also Salem Academy and College Board of Trustee members. Thank you for joining us!!! And, thank you, Victoria, for arranging our wonderful reception in Kernersville! The Kernersville Moravian Band was in Kernersville to welcome us, as was Dawn Morgan, the Mayor. She proclaimed today Salem Academy and College Day in Kernersville!! Needless to say, that brought tears to all of our eyes! On a personal note, I was also met by my first cousin, Janet Conway Rose, and by friends Jane Preyer, Margaret Newbold, and Julianna Brown. There are no words in any language which would do my feelings justice – thank you is totally inadequate. I am overwhelmed by your support and friendship. Tonight is also overwhelming in that tomorrow this time we will have completed the historical part of this journey. We will reach Bethabara tomorrow afternoon, just as those brave girls and women did in October, 1766. We could NEVER do their journey justice. Imagine no hotels, rain every other day, bedbugs and fleas nightly, inadequate navigation, the danger of river crossings, and the fear of the unknown. But we HAVE shared what must have been their bonding as friends, their sense of adventure, their commitment to a purpose, their support of each other, their moments of reflection, their life learnings. We have felt their presence. We have been changed by their example. And Salome was only 16. Amazing what our young people can teach us, then and now. Sleep well, everyone. Tomorrow- 17 miles to Bethabara. #mysalemjourney. #journey2salem

– Lucy Rose C’76

Day 27 Journey to Salem
Beautiful sun rise outside my hotel window this morning. Many area alums greeted us this morning and wished us well on our journey. Marcia Shawler’s (who is walking with us in this journey) sister’s neighbor, who lives in Greensboro, had been looking for us yesterday as we walked into Greensboro. He didn’t see us yesterday, so he delivered a beautiful note and extremely kind gift to the hotel. He gave each of us two very special 2021 silver half dollars that are not available in banks. I’ll post a copy of his note when I receive it from Marcia. His thoughtfulness made us all start the day in tears. We departed for Kernersville. Gorgeous weather, again! Sunny with cool breeze. 55-75. Eric arrived and drove the route backwards to find us. Then he re-appeared at a later point in the route with my roommate from Salem Academy, Linda Winslow Speary. Linda completely surprised me and said she is walking the last leg with us Tuesday!!! I had no idea she was planning to come see me or be a part of this! My heart is full! And, as we arrived at our hotel, a Moravian brass band was playing for us, and we were greeted by the Mayor of Kernersville. She issued a proclamation in our honor, and the Chamber of Commerce gave us very nice gift bags, and one alumna made homemade chocolate chip cookies for each of us! I am still in awe of the support we are receiving. So many people have given so much of themselves to make our Journey special. I don’t have words to describe how amazing this feels. I can’t believe that our Journey is almost complete. #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

– Debbie Faires A’82

Day 27 and almost 18 miles walking from Greensboro to Kernersville, NC. Welcome to Forsyth county!

Today was another day with light traffic, cool morning, and at least some country roads. The only oddity was the service roads along I-40, intense soot all over my legs which were already sticky with sunscreen, and another hot afternoon with a burning sun. I’ve used up four bottles of sunscreen on this journey! Grateful to be walking this journey with our set of obstacles as each were easily overcome.

Upon arrival in Kernersville the local Moravian Church’s band played for us! As if that wasn’t enough, a welcoming party was waiting for us with homemade cookies. And to top it off, the Mayor of Kernersville, Mayor Fawn Morgan, greeted us with a proclamation acknowledging our journey and declaring today “Salem Academy and College Day”

Tomorrow is the last day of our historic 500 mile journey. After we arrive in historic Bethabara tomorrow, I’d like to turn around and walk the whole thing over again in reverse. Daily walks in our beautiful country have given me the chance to absorb different landscapes up close with their textures, sounds, scents, and patterns. It’s given me an opportunity to clear my mind only to refill it with the laughter of my Salem friends. Every morning I start off my walk saying “there is nothing I’d rather be doing than what I’m doing right now.” #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

– Frances Cronlund C’98