October 25 – Kernersville to Bethabara

Day 28!! 500 mile Journey to Salem. The final day of our historical journey. Kernersville, NC to Bethabara, NC. 17 miles. 54,000 steps. High 63. Low 47. Sunny, overcast, storming. Relatively flat with occasional rolling hills. Rural early, then into Winston-Salem!! First, the sign. Then, the skyline. That comfortable, calming feeling of being home. Lunch at Crankies. Huge chicken biscuit for me!!!! We saw Salem yard signs everywhere!!!! Thanks so much to those who made that happen!!! There were billboards and banners and decals!! I am quite sure our predecessors were not greeted the way we were!! We felt so LOVED!! We are so grateful for those who greeted us at Bethabara with such love and emotion! THANK YOU!! The welcome lovefeast was perfect, just as I am sure it was in 1766. It ended with our singing the alma mater, sung so beautifully I thought we were being accompanied by a hidden choir. After a very quick shower and clothes change, we gathered at the graves of those brave women who journeyed before us, in God’s Acre at Salem, and honored them. We read their names, spoke brief bios, and laid roses on each grave. Without them, there likely would have been no Salem Academy and College. Tonight, I reflect on that and give thanks.. We then walked to President McGee’s home for a dinner of Moravian chicken pie and a warm evening of sharing, fellowship, and celebration of Salem. More to come, but time for bed. Thank you again to all of you who worked so hard to make this journey possible. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful. Looking so forward to seeing many of you tomorrow and walking together!!#mysalemjourney. #journey2salem.

– Lucy Rose C’76

Day 28 Journey to Salem
Today, we completed the historic portion of our 500+ mile Journey. We have a short walk tomorrow, about 6.5 miles, into Salem Square to celebrate our trip. We arrived in Bethabara carrying our banner. We were greeted with horns and cheering friends and family. It was a moment filled with many emotions. Then, just like the travelers did in 1766, we went inside Gemeinhaus to celebrate with a Love Feast. After a quick shower at the hotel, we went to God’s Acre in Salem to participate in a ceremony where we honored each of the participants on the original walk who are buried there. It was beautiful and moving. Then, we headed to a celebratory dinner at the President of Salem Academy and College’s house. It was an amazing day and these few words do not do it justice. But, I need sleep to be ready for tomorrow, so they will have to do for now. I’m going to bed once again with a very full heart! #mysalemjourney #journey2salem

– Debbie Faires A’82