October 15

Leg 18: Buckingham to Farmville

Number of people walking today: 6

Route SummaryThe route today includes 9 miles on the High Bridge Trail which will take you into downtown Farmville. Be sure to check out the beautiful Longwood University campus, founded in 1839 as the Farmville Female Seminary Association, and is located across the street from our hotel.
Pull up map at hotel in case of poor cell phone coverage.
Van transport from hotel to beginning of walk.
Starting PointMaysville Manor
23 Courthouse Rd
Buckingham VA 23921
(434) 221-8942
Starting Time7:00 am
End Walking Time4:00 pm
Ending PointHotel Weyanoke
202 High Street
Farmville VA 23901
(434) 658-7500
Walking Mileage20.1
MealsBreakfast: included for overnight guests
Lunch: Get a sandwich from Pino’s while at dinner night before.
Dinner: nearby recommendations: Effingham’s (hotel restaurant), North Street Press Club, or One19 Main. The hotel has a roof top bar that serves food from Effingham’s
RestroomsNone until you get to the High Bridge Trail, where there will be 2 vault toilets
Contact InfoVan Driver: 470-653-7880.
Route Manager: 336-782-1704
Route map(s)Chestnut Grove to Hotel Weyanoke
Route Map PDFPDF: Chestnut Grove Baptist Church to Hotel Weyanoke
Special Navigation InstructionsWhen you get in to downtown Farmville, you can turn right as soon as you get to Main St. The stop listed on the route called “High Bridge Trail State Park” is going to try to get you to cross the street but you don’t need to walk to it.
Laundry AvailabilityNo.
Instructions for DriverMORNING: Drive 13 miles to Chestnut Grove Baptist Church for beginning of route. ACCESS MAP BEFORE LEAVING HOTEL! ALSO HAVE PRINTOUT
Driver Map(s)Maysville Manor to Chestnut Grove DRIVE
History Blog PostWater, Water Everywhere
Miscellaneous InformationNavigation:
Each Google Map route will have a starting point and multiple stops.  
iPhone users: when you arrive at a stop, you must remove the PREVIOUS starting point, making your current stop the NEW starting point. 
Android users:  As long as you “arrive” at each stop, it will automatically advance to the next one.  Otherwise, you will have to remove a stop.
EXCEPTION: Do NOT remove any stops when you are in a dead zone! This will cancel the map and you will not be able to relaunch it.
Dead zone: in poor or no cell phone coverage, you will still be able to see the route since GPS continues to work.  Just don’t exit the map or try to remove a stop or you will lose the route.  

Obey all traffic laws.  Use crosswalks and sidewalks wherever possible.  When sidewalks are not available, generally it is recommended to walk against traffic but there may be times where the shoulder is wider walking WITH traffic.  Be careful approaching curves and hills as visibility will be limited! 
Walk with a buddy.

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