September 28

Leg 1: Bethlehem to Allentown

Number of people walking today: 38

Route SummaryThe route begins at Single Sisters’ House in historic Bethlehem. From there, we will cross the Lehigh River using the Hill to Hill Bridge and at mile 10 walk through Lehigh Parkway. The last 1.5 miles are along Schantz Road (NO sidewalks) before crossing the very busy PA100. Use the crosswalk and be careful! Last 1/2 mile along PA100 to the hotel.
Starting PointSingle Sisters’ House
50 W Church St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Starting Time6:15-6:30 am – luggage drop off at Hotel Bethlehem (to be transported to Fairfield Allentown)
6:20-6:55 am – REQUIRED Walker Check-in at Single Sisters’ House
6:30-6:55 am – OPTIONAL Drop-in for Google Maps training at Single Sisters’ House
7:00 am – Celebratory Send Off Single Sisters’ House
End Walking Time3:30 pm
Ending PointFairfield Inn & Suites Allentown West
208 PA Route 100
Breinigsville PA 18031
(610) 841-0100
Walking Mileage18 miles
MealsBreakfast: Johnny’s Bagels and Deli (opens at 6 am)
Lunch: plenty of options along the route
Dinner: Hops Fogelsville (7 minute drive); RSVP required
RestroomsPlenty of options along the route
Contact InfoVan Driver: 470-653-7880.
Route Manager: 336-782-1704
Route map(s)Single Sisters House to Fairfield Allentown
Route Map PDFPDF: Single Sisters’ House to Fairfield Allentown
Special Navigation Instructions
Laundry AvailabilityYes
Instructions for DriverMap 1. Walkers will take the stairs to Hill to Hill Bridge. The van will take a different route…used Pete’s Hotdogs as destination to get van to Broadway/Emaus otherwise it wanted to take you down Delaware to the next stop UPS Drop Box. Walkers will be on a pedestrian path through Lehigh Parkway – meet up at Lindberg Park. The rest of the route, walkers and van travel the same way with a couple minor differences.
Evening – 7 minute drive to restaurant
Driver Map(s)Map 1: Single Sisters to Fairfield
History Blog PostThe 1766 Traveling Party
Miscellaneous InformationNavigation:
Each Google Map route will have a starting point and multiple stops.  
iPhone users: when you arrive at a stop, you must remove the PREVIOUS starting point, making your current stop the NEW starting point. 
Android users:  As long as you “arrive” at each stop, it will automatically advance to the next one.  Otherwise, you will have to remove a stop.
EXCEPTION: Do NOT remove any stops when you are in a dead zone! This will cancel the map and you will not be able to relaunch it.
Deadzone: in poor or no cell phone coverage, you will still be able to see the route since GPS continues to work.  Just don’t exit the map or try to remove a stop or you will lose the route.  

Obey all traffic laws.  Use crosswalks and sidewalks wherever possible.  When sidewalks are not available, generally it is recommended to walk against traffic but there may be times where the shoulder is wider walking WITH traffic.  Be careful approaching curves and hills as visibility will be limited! 
Walk with a buddy.

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